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A special, custom wellness experience, that supports success & shows real results. This unique & exciting program provides individuals with a personalized plan for healthy eating, exercising & living! Contact Amber at or 701-751-9810 for more information.

Meet Your Wellness Coaches

Amber Daner

“My name is Amber Daner and I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist through AFPA.
I believe that your fork plays one of the biggest rolls in your health.
Small and simple changes can lead to a large impact in your wellbeing and goals.
I am passionate about helping you achieve your objectives through sustainable
strategies that will support your habits and lifestyle.
If you are looking to achieve sustainable health goals without making it a second
job, you have come to the right place!”

Julie Korkowski

“Julie here! I recently become a nutrition coach through ISSA.
One of my favorite things in life is… food!
I decided to become a coach because I want others to know
that you can live a life with a healthy relationship food
without fad diets and without food restrictions!
I want others to become successful with their eating habits
because simple changes can lead to big results.
My motto is “moderation is key!”
Now let’s crush those goals and get to work!”

See What Participants Are Saying

“Amber’s Fitness/Nutrition program has given me the
framework to achieve my goals of gaining muscle and
reducing body fat. The 4-week program’s workouts
challenged me, but were never overwhelming. She also
 put together a diet plan that was easy to achieve.
I finally feel like what I’m doing is working!”

Stephanie Kopseng

“The wellness coaching at Family Wellness is great!
The workouts and nutrition are tailored to you
depending on what your goals are. The PT hub app
is easy to use to track your food, weight, and workouts.
The workouts are all on the app with videos that show
how to complete each exercise properly. The program
includes your measurements at the beginning and end
which is a great way to show your results rather than
just the scale.”

Sarah Miller


Let a certified holistic nutritionist & personal trainer create a customized program that works with your habits and lifestyle. Fuel your fitness with guided support to reach your goals & get results! Contact Amber at or 701-751-9810 for more information.


Making the most of this program through our PT HUB app is super easy & so convenient. Check out these tutorials to see how simple it is for you to find success through nutrition tracking, exercise & accountability!

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