Sports | Basketball PreK-6th Grade


Players will learn the basics of basketball including shooting, dribbling, passing & rules of play. Game concepts including offense & defense will be introduced & developed as players’ skill levels increase. All activities & equipment will be age appropriate.

No team may participate in another league with 5 or more of the same players simultaneously. If violated the team may forfeit 1 game & may be subject to dismissal & loss of team fees.

There are separate Recreational & Competitive Leagues for grades 3-6.



  • All skill levels
  • Participants with at least 3 seasons of experience
  • Modified rules to help players find success & develop skills
  • Follow High School rules
  • Participants sign up for preferred practice time 1 adult can register up to 3 children
  • Must turn in complete roster minimum of 6 players
  • Must wear YMCA provided jerseys
  • Must wear YMCA provided jerseys
  • Emphasis is on developing skills sportsmanship & fun!
  • Uses certified officials
  • Emphasis is on developing skills, sportsmanship, competitiveness/winning & fun!

Click on each grade level below for more information. 

Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Co-ed Basketball

Kindergarten Boys
1st Grade Boys
2nd Grade Boys
3rd/4th Grade Boys Recreational
3rd/4th Grade Boys Competitive
5th/6th Grade Boys Recreational
5th/6th Grade Boys Competitive

Kindergarten Girls
1st Grade Girls
2nd Grade Girls
3rd/4th Grade Girls Recreational
3rd/4th Grade Girls Competitive
5th/6th Grade Girls Recreational5th/6th Grade Girls Competitive

Pre-K (4/5 Year Olds) Co-Ed

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