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Membership Type


Membership w/ Fitness Locker

Enrollment Fee

Youth (ages 0-9)*




Student (ages 10-18)




College (full time student)**




Adult (19-64)








Single Parent Household




Senior Adult (ages 65+)




Senior Household (ages 65+)




** Proof of full time status required

  • Continuous membership rates use Automatic Monthly Withdrawal

  • Annual rates available for all memberships

  • Memberships are non-refundable

  • Corporate Group Discounts available.

Guest Fees

Pass Type

Daily Rate

Youth/Student (ages 0-18)


Adult (ages 19+)




Adult 30 day Membership




Enrollment Fee
The fee is paid upon membership sign-up and will only be charged once except in the case of a lapse in membership. Memberships that have lapsed 30 days or more will be charged the enrollment fee.

Membership Cancellation Policy
You may cancel your monthly membership at anytime by coming to Family Wellness, completing a cancellation form, and turning in your membership card(s). The cancellation form must be completed by the end of the month, or you will be charged for the next month. Memberships are nonrefundable.

It is the responsibility of every individual or their parent or guardian to provide for their own accident and health coverage while participating in Family Wellness activities. Neither accident nor health coverage is provided for participants by Family Wellness.

Membership Card
All members age 5 and older are asked to carry their membership card for admittance to Family Wellness. In the absence of your membership card, you may be asked to verify identity with a photo ID.

Snowbird Policy
Family Wellness members, ages 60+, may place their active membership on hold once each year for a maximum of 5 months, between October through March, without incurring an additional enrollment fee or maintenance fees during the on hold period.

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