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Take your total wellness to the next level & live your best, most balanced life, with Hot Yoga, Mobility, & Barre at Family Wellness! Contact McKaela at for more information. 

Participants register & pay for monthly unlimited package online or at Member Servcies. Participants may then attend any days/times they wish for the entire month. Participants are required to sign up each for each session. Individual class registration begins 24 hours prior & ends 1 hour prior to each session. If no registrations have been recieved for a session 1 hour prior, that class will be canceled. Days/times & registration can be found on the app or fitness class schedule (includes "FEE-BASED" in the title.) Refunds are not available for monthly packages. 

Hot Barre: Strengthen, lenthen & tone. This class combines pilates, cardio & ballet movements & postures. Improve your poise, posture, strength & balance. Barre classes are performed on the mat & at a ballet barre. The total body workout lifts the butt, tones the thighs, flattens the abs & sculpts the arms. The result is a body that is realigned, rebalanced & works harmoniously & efficiently for all fitness levels.

Hot Yoga: Refresh, restore & rejuvenate in a hot flow. This class offers students a playful, fun & motivating practice that will help you gain a stronger sense of body awareness & correct alignment. Flows are designed for all levels & more advanced poses are taught in stages so everyone can grow & challenge themselves in a safe way. 

Hot Mobility: Flex, move & stretch. This class incorporates movement-based training that works on balance, coordination, agility & functional strength. This class is all about dedicating time to care for your body to promote better movement & improved functional range of motion. Consider this as guided self-care; a practice crucial to your athletic & fitness development. Expect this class to “hurt so good” while you release & stretch your way to true functional improvement.

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