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Players will learn the basics of basketball including shooting, dribbling, passing, and game rules. Game concepts including offense and defense will be introduced and developed as players’ skill levels increase. All activities and equipment will be age appropriate.

No team may participate in another league with 5 or more of the same players simultaneously. If violated the team may forfeit 1 game and may be subject to dismissal and loss of team fees.

There are separate Recreational and Competitive Leagues for grades 3-6!




  • All skill levels
  • Participants with at least 3 seasons of experience
  • Modified rules, to help players find success and develop skills
  • Follow High School rules, uses certified officials
  • Participants sign up for preferred practice time, 1 adult can register up to 3 children
  • Roster sign-up league, must turn in a complete roster with a minimum of 6 players
  • Must wear YMCA provided jerseys
  • Emphasis is on developing skills, sportsmanship, and fun!
  • Must wear YMCA provided jerseys
  • Emphasis is on developing skills, sportsmanship, competitiveness/winning, and fun!


Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Co-ed Basketball

Kindergarten Boys
1st Grade Boys
2nd Grade Boys
3rd/4th Grade Boys Recreational
3rd/4th Grade Boys Competitive
5th/6th Grade Boys Recreational
5th/6th Grade Boys Competitive

Kindergarten Girls
1st Grade Girls
2nd Grade Girls
3rd/4th Grade Girls Recreational
3rd/4th Grade Girls Competitive
5th/6th Grade Girls Recreational
5th/6th Grade Girls Competitive

Pre-K (4/5 Year Olds) Co-Ed

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